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The Atlantic Bloodline Jumper
  • The Atlantic Bloodline Jumper


    The Atlantic Bloodline Jumper

    Roll Neck Jumper

    For Everyone

    100% Merino Wool

    Colour : Mid Atlantic Blue


    This jumper is for all those who have crossed the Atlantic, keeping their dreams alive and searching for their roots.


    Migration from Ireland to America has always been popular. Sometimes out of pure necessity, hopes and dreams. Many of those who left found opportunity and created new lives for themselves and their children. Those children and grandchildren often make the same journey across the Atlantic back to the motherland in search of their family history. They come to see the villages and countryside in which their family history began, reconnect, find the part of themselves that makes them Irish. Sometimes it is even possible to visit the port their family left from to America. 


    The jumper is a heavy weight roll neck perfect for winter.


    The model with the long hair is 5'9' and wearing a size 'medium' paired with a dark pleeted skirt. The short haired model is 6 foot tall and wearing a size 'large' paired with blue skinny jeans.