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Real Irish Sea Stories

Stories have always been part of Irish culture. So many people living on this island have not had the opportunity to tell their story or that of their family and so we want to tell those stories and dedicate a product to each of them. We like to find interesting stories and characters and tell their story and then ask them to name a product with something meaningful to them. They also choose a charity for a donation from each sale to go to.

I have been fortunate to have been told many of these stories first hand. In recording stories I have hit dead ends, and heard some stories told numerous ways by various relatives all with slightly different detail. It has been amazing to see how a story can get lost, distorted, completely forgotten and in some cases remembered once the memory is triggered.


The sea gives life and at times it takes life. These stories are extremely moving tales of both.

These stories are the property of the authors and they reserve all rights including copyright. 

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