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  • Where does Man of the Sea Ireland ship to?
    We ship all over the world. You can select various options at check out. We are located on the north coast of Ireland and therefore can ship customs and tarif free to UK and EU. We ship all over the world. Orders over £50 are shipped free of charge.
  • Where is Man of the Sea Ireland based?
    We are very lucky to be located in a little village on the north coast of Ireland. We overlook the roaring north Atlantic with sea gulls continually swooping by the windows! From here we can see the Scottish islands of Islay and Jura only 26 miles across the North Channel. We have strong family and business connections all over Ireland, Scotland and England. If you see a product that says "Made on the North Coast of Ireland' then it is made right here.
  • Where does Man of the Sea Ireland come from?
    Our family are made up of Irish and Scottish men and women with many decades of sea experience. Older generations worked in Belfast Shipbuilding and some on east coast trawlers. The area we are based in and the Scottish Islands we can see, were attacked by viking warrior Magnus Barefoot and his army. The Irish warriors famously fought them off at War Hollow on the north Antrim Coast killing Magnus and retaining control of the Irish coast. To this day we have local boats in the area with a design based on Norse boats from that time.
  • Where are Man of the Sea Ireland products made and where does it source its materials?
    Our wool is all Scottish and Irish except for our Merino wool it, comes from Peru. Some of our products are made in Scotland and England and some are made right here overlooking the North Atlantic on the north coast of Ireland. One of our products "Blue Breton" is made in India.
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